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A patient who has crooked teeth may avoid mentioning their desire for a straighter smile for fear of being advised that traditional metal bracket and wire braces are their only option. Fortunately, there have been many advances in orthodontics, which allow patients to obtain their dream smile faster than ever before. At Dr. Mark H. Wright’s practice, patients can speak to our provider about the advantages of using Fastbraces® instead. Colorado Springs, Colorado, residents will find that this option is one of the fastest ways to get straighter teeth, improving the smile with quick braces instead of years in traditional orthodontia.

What is Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® is a specialized orthodontic treatment that dentists can utilize for patients who want a fast solution to an imperfect smile. Fastbraces® allows our team to provide a brand-new smile to patients in a shorter period of time than more traditional means. These low-profile brackets are used to ensure results in a shorter period, typically just a few months, to realign the smile and address malocclusions such as underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, and other spacing and crowding concerns. In doing this, patients will achieve the results they want without braces they are embarrassed to wear.

What are the benefits of Fastbraces®?

  • Faster treatment times
  • Versatility in treating different types of issues
  • Comfort and fit
  • Reliable results
  • Ability to have treatment monitored by a dentist instead of an orthodontist

Fastbraces® before and after

Any patient interested in Fastbraces® is encouraged to ask Dr. Mark H. Wright about seeing before and after photos of patients who have already had the treatment performed by his team. This allows our patients to visualize what can be achieved with Fastbraces® to determine if it is right for them. During an initial evaluation appointment, our dentist will evaluate a patient to decide if they are a good fit for this solution to misaligned smiles.

Interested in the fastest way to get straight teeth?

Contact Colorado Springs, Colorado area dentist, Dr. Mark H. Wright, to learn more about the advantages of Fastbraces®. His facility is located at 930 North Cedar Street in Colorado Springs and can be reached by phone at (719) 624-4122.