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About our Colorado Springs Dental Practice

The patient amenities, dental technology, and treatment methodology utilized at our Colorado Springs dental office are offered with your comfort and satisfaction in mind. From diagnosing oral health issues, to renewing your smile with cosmetic and restorative procedures, Dr. Wright and his team are here to help.

Sign of Dr. Mark Wright in Colorado Springs

Digital Dentistry for Patient Comfort and Convenience

We are happy to provide a high-tech dental office that incorporates digital technology for patients’ safety and comfort. In order to create molds for various prosthetics, Dr. Wright can use digital impressions, where patients’ smiles are scanned with a computer. We understand that traditional dental impression trays are bulky, messy, and are many patients’ least favorite part of the treatment process. With in-office digital impressions, we can make planning your procedure a breeze.

Our digital technology also extends into X-ray imaging. Digital X-rays and panoramic X-rays produce less radiation and provide for clearer, more comprehensive pictures of your teeth and overall oral health, so your treatment can be planned precisely.

Advanced In-Office Technology

In addition to digital dental tools, Dr. Wright incorporates several pieces of advanced dental equipment that help promote treatment success and patient satisfaction. Our Waterlase dental laser uses laser technology and water power to replace traditional dental drills and assist in making more extensive procedures like soft tissue grafting comfortable and efficient.

Dr. Wright also utilizes Isolite suction – a patient favorite. With Isolite, moisture is better controlled in both the upper and lower arches during treatment, so patients feel comfortable and do not experience a build-up of moisture that requires treatment to pause while suction is applied. Isolite also contains a bite block. You can rest arches of teeth against the bite piece and comfortably allow the suction to do its job.

Flowerbed of Mark H. Wright, DDS, a Colorado Springs Dental Practice

Keeping Your Treatment Plan in One Location

Our Colorado Springs dentist is well versed in a variety of treatments and offers many different cosmetic and restorative procedures. This allows our team to keep as much of your treatment plan as possible in one location; from endodontics to tooth extraction and dental care for children, our team is here to support your best oral health, regardless of what may be indicated in your treatment plan.

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