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Porcelain Crown Caps

Dental crowns are one of several restorative treatments used by Dr. Mark H. Wright to enhance the smile. If you are in the area of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and want to strengthen and protect one or more teeth, dental crowns or “dental caps” might be one of the best options for you.

What is a dental crown?

When we think of crowns, we might think immediately of royalty. A king or queen wearing a crown is the image we conjure. However, a dental crown is different. A dental crown is a porcelain restoration used to cover the top, exposed area of a tooth, also known as the “crown” of the tooth. In doing so, it can:

  • Alter the appearance of the tooth
  • Strengthen a weak or broken tooth
  • Protect a susceptible tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has recently had endodontic treatment

The dental crown’s versatility is why it is used in many different instances in dentistry, including restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

What types of crowns are available?

Some dental practices offer dental crowns in a wide range of materials such as metal or porcelain. Dr. Mark H. Wright finds that zirconia crowns are the best choice, as they mimic the appearance of natural teeth and are affordable for most patients.

What can I expect in cost for dental crowns?

In some instances, patients with dental insurance can also reduce their out-of-pocket costs for dental crowns significantly by using their dental insurance benefits. Our front office team can help you find out what benefits you can apply to your treatments to reduce overall costs. We also provide high-quality restorations while keeping costs low for our patients. This ensures patients can get the necessary care they need to protect and maintain their smiles.

Interested in dental crowns?

Contact Dr. Mark H. Wright to find out more. His Colorado Springs, Colorado, area practice is here to help provide patients with a wide selection of general, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services. His facility is located at 930 N. Cedar Street and can be reached by phone to book a consultation (719) 624-4122.