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Preventive Dentistry Colorado Springs CO

Many patients will find that most problems, such as cavities and periodontal disease, are completely avoidable with preventive care when it comes to dentistry. Colorado Springs, Colorado, area dentist, Dr. Mark H. Wright, explains why preventive dental services are important to oral health and wellness.

Why is preventive dental care vital to a healthy smile?

Think about the care and maintenance of a car. If your vehicle starts making a weird noise, it is best to take it to the mechanic to examine and determine the cause of the problem. In most instances, it can be fixed without further issue. However, if you decide to ignore the problem and it gets worse, your bill at the shop will be considerably more because the part may have broken and caused damage elsewhere in the car. This is how it works with the smile as well. If you are experiencing some sensitivity while eating sweets and suspect you may have a cavity, it is critical that you get to the dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment with a filling. If you don’t, the cavity can become larger, the tooth can become infected, and you may be dealing with a tooth that can only be fixed by extracting it.

Preventive dentistry is necessary to prevent problems from occurring and spot issues before they become more painful and more expensive to treat. This is why Dr. Mark H. Wright recommends preventive dental care with routine cleanings and evaluations every six months.

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Interested in working with a practice that offers preventive dental services?

One way to keep your smile healthy is to be proactive about maintaining good oral health habits and regularly visiting the dentist for cleanings and examinations. This is a great way for Dr. Mark H. Wright to monitor one’s health and ensure the best care possible. If you are looking for a new dental provider, consider the benefits of working with Dr. Mark H. Wright and his team in the area of Colorado Springs, Colorado. His practice is located at 930 North Cedar Street, and he can be reached for an appointment by calling (719) 624-4122.