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Teeth Whitening

When patients think about whitening their smile, they often visit their local drugstore to walk down the oral care aisle and purchase strips, pens, and trays. However, these teeth bleaching options are not nearly as effective as the whitening options available at the local dental practice. Dr. Mark H. Wright of Colorado Springs, Colorado welcomes patients to book a consultation visit with his team to discuss the options available for them, including professional teeth whitening.

What is professional teeth bleaching?

To brighten the smile, many patients will need to speak to a dentist about bleaching options. Dr. Mark H. Wright is pleased to provide solutions such as professional whitening treatments that can enhance the smile and allow patients to feel confident when they share their smiles with others. Professional teeth whitening is much more concentrated than the solutions available at the local drugstore and can only be obtained by visiting a dentist. Professional teeth bleaching available with Dr. Mark H. Wright includes tray whitening.

Teeth whitening video

Why choose tray whitening?

While laser teeth whitening may be available at other practices, Dr. Mark H. Wright finds that they can often cause unwanted sensitivity and provide short-term improvements. Instead, he focuses on providing economical solutions that offer dramatic results that last longer than alternative services. Patients come into the office for an evaluation and have a series of impressions completed to create the upper and lower dental arch trays. Then, patients are given professional-strength bleaching gel to use with the trays each day to gradually whiten. Once patients obtain the whitening results they desire, they can continue to whiten as needed to maintain these changes.

Are you ready to learn more about professional teeth whitening?

If you are seeking teeth bleaching solutions to enhance your smile, now is a great time to connect with our Colorado Springs, Colorado area professional, Dr. Mark H. Wright, to learn more about tray whitening solutions. Instead of spending time and money on over-the-counter alternatives, we encourage you to find out how quickly and easily you can whiten your smile! Call (719) 624-4122 and visit our facility at 930 N. Cedar Street to discuss this and other options for smile enhancement.