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Velscope for Oral Cancer Screening

How VELscope oral cancer screenings work to detect cancerous cells early

It has been shown time and time again that the early detection of oral cancer can increase one’s chance of survival significantly. At Mark H Wright DDS in Colorado Springs, Colorado, patients of Dr. Mark H. Wright can undergo routine oral cancer screenings during their regular dental checkup appointments or as needed if there is a concern. Dr. Mark H. Wright is proud to use amazing technology that allows for accurate detection, thanks to a device known as the VELscope.

How does VELscope work for oral cancer detection?

At the office of Dr. Mark H. Wright, he is pleased to use VELscope technology to help his patients understand the importance of regular oral cancer screenings and to talk about oral cancer prevention tips. The VELscope screening device emits a safe blue light into the mouth, causing healthy tissue to fluoresce (light up) and any abnormal areas to appear dark. This allows for the early detection of oral cancer, which can then be further examined and treated if necessary.

Why should I work with a dentist using VELscope technology?

VELscope takes the guesswork out of detecting areas of possible cancer and ensures a more precise diagnosis than with physical evaluations alone. It can eliminate or reduce the need for unnecessary biopsies and allow patients to have a thorough oral cancer examination performed painlessly and quickly while they’re at the office for their routine dental work. These benefits make it easy for patients to choose the office of Dr. Mark H. Wright not only for his experience and skill but also because of his reinvestment into his patients by purchasing and training himself on the latest technologies available in the dental arena. He utilizes these tools to provide his patients with the best possible care!

Learn more about oral cancer prevention with VELscope technology!

If you are overdue for an annual oral cancer screening or a regular dental checkup, Dr. Mark H. Wright and his team can assist with the VELscope oral cancer screening process.

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