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Root Canal Therapy

The idea of undergoing a dental procedure such as a root canal often causes Colorado Springs, Colorado, area patients to think of painful treatments. Unfortunately, many patients have the wrong impression of the root canal procedure, often known as “endodontic therapy.” This treatment is performed with proper anesthetics and sedation, allowing patients to have their tooth restored without discomfort. In fact, it is often the pain and discomfort that brings patients into our practice seeking a solution.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy refers to removing the dental pulp within the tooth canals and replacing it with a material called gutta-percha. Removing the dental pulp, which houses a natural tooth’s blood supply and nerves, will deaden the tooth, and eliminate pain. The dentist seals the tooth with gutta-percha and composite resin to keep bacteria from re-entering, and in many cases, he will fabricate and place a dental crown over the tooth to keep it strong and durable. Root canal therapy is often done to save a natural tooth from extraction.

Why choose root canal therapy?

The primary reason why patients move forward with root canal therapy is that they have damage, disease, decay, or other problems associated with a tooth that requires it to be either treated or removed. In some cases, removal is the only option outside of root canal therapy. Therefore, patients choose to have the procedure done. It is best to leave natural teeth whenever possible, especially for patients who want to avoid costly tooth replacement options such as dental implants or dentures.

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What are the benefits of root canal therapy?

The primary benefits of endodontic treatments include:

  • A way to maintain the natural tooth in place
  • A fast and easy treatment to eliminate pain
  • Long-lasting restoration of a natural tooth
  • Sealing of the tooth keeps out bacteria and reduces the risk of infection

In need of endodontic therapy?

Contact Dr. Mark H. Wright today at (719) 624-4122. He accepts new patients and welcomes returning patients interested in addressing pain and saving their natural teeth from extraction.